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Monday, November 15, 2010

a dAy named 12th n0vembEr~

aSsalamualaikuM wbt~

i love a day named 12th nov 2010!

why is it so..?

a dAy to rememBer~
why should i?


a) our final day of sem 1~
b) a very3 tired day in my life~

i entered Teachers Training Institute Malay Woman Campus

on 28th june 2010..
I start to live alone. far from family (15km only) 

while register~
fill in the form~
quite bored. more than 10 times write the same thing
:date of birth

l0ve to be teachers but..
why must be an adult?

sEri0usly dunno h0w to be an adult..
g0t to get up early myself!

rushing during orientation week..
sleep late make me feel tired~

as time goes very fast,
i know its a life~

first week, orientation week!
damn tired but, best! 

tesl 2~
kinda l0ve that scarf!

front row student~

 our class members~

disc0ver this srikandi hall before 
go to puteri gunung ledang~

at puteri gunuNg ledang
while waiting for the other unit
ouch! im being sitted by others! omg! stay cool nana! 
peace :))

everynight to BISA(Balai Islam Saidatina Aisyah)

work for our country! yeahh
at putrajaya~ c2 members(sem 1 only)

GERKO activity!

Pulau Tali Kail, Hutan Belum,Gerik,Perak.
my group! gr0up 1~
from left: nana,erin,ana,ika & fateyn~

everyb0dy have no mo0d to study..

last day class in sem 1~
from left: fera,ika,syukie,fify,tasya,tya...
d others? no mood for picca~

although there are many things happen in this first sem
but, we get a lot of lessons from there~
will try to impr0ve it~
so, tesl 2, wake up! next year will be our next sem! sem 2!
get up everyb0dy~
study yeah~ will have m0ck exam~
remember, it can help u if u failed ur 3rd sem exam~
go go go! 
language development
language description
english studies
s0cial studies

rEmembeR girls,
you are here to settle problems n0t to create pr0blems

crEdit to our bel0ved mummy~

for being concerned & take a good care of us 
in this first sem.

We are very sorry for any problem that we had make
we promise to be good in next sem
l0ve u very strong mummy~

thanks friends for read this blog~
see u when i see u
in my next post~

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