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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

g0od Bye abg amer . =(


bl0ggers, sihat? 

bl0g ni mcm dah berhabuk je? well, last update march 15~ okay. it was 1 m0nth ! hehe~

my schedule was quiet full or we called "PACK" .. 

huhu~ guess what???

and I was t0ld by papa, my seni0r aka brother Ameer Adli will left Malaysia on tuesday (19/4/2011)..

I am t0tally happy.. and i think he had made my day! 

why am i happy ??

I'm happy because br0ther Ameer  can cntinue his studies overseas and this sh0ws he g0t a very g0od p0inter! 

like a song entitled "wawasan diri" by UNIQ said :

"kuat usaha jujur dan amanah
sentisa mengharapkan keredhaan ALLAH"

yes, brother Ameer use alm0st of his time t0 study! study! and S.T.U.D.Y !

I saw this since he was 17.. He study smart f0r his SPM and he manage t0 get beautiful marks which c0uld have him in MALAYSIA FRANCE INSTITUTE..

I know he WILL go overseas and our dream c0me true!

so, i would to say to this 5th oct born boy, 

~ study smart brother,
~ d0nt forget ALLAH,
~ Take care,
~ wish u goodluck in whatever u do..

this is my brother Ameer Adli.

study smart ya! we all are here t0 support u.. ^_^