welc0me t0 my blog!

Friday, June 10, 2011

am i late?

assalamualaikum wbt..

after a long time i didnt update my blog..

yeahh... i am too busy :))))

oppsss... how are u,bloggers? i h0pe u are fine.. ^_^

btw, no h0t story to be told. haha. h0liday? i hate this h0liday~ it d0es n0t fit me :) anyway, im ok with it. (maybe).. haha!

11:52pm? oh g0d!! im late.. err?

i would like to wish "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" To my lovely friend!! yeahh.. sanah helwah sis Nurhazrena Zulkifli :))

may ALLAH bless you..
may all ur wishes come true..

another one?!

so many candles.. hehe

sorry because im n0t able to give u a cake.. hehe...
once again, happy birthday! :)