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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am wh0 I am~ ^_^ (Eid mubarak editi0n)

first. Happy Eid Mubarak~ ^_^

on this blissful day, 
i w0uld like to say :-

it will be like this~

I will FORGET you

starting fr0m t0day~

You will be a pers0n

that I do n0t kn0w..

just like a person that I have n0t seen !

even if we meet on street,

our path have never crossed~

I'm al right,

I've already f0rgotten~

I'm happy in my busy w0rld~ ^_^

I have met a go0d person.

In fact he/she is better than you :)

p/s: Thanks ALLAH, ^_^

I am what I am~


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